Ancient Pyramids of Central Bosnia

Magical and now visible Pyramid Complex in Bosnia and Herzegovina is now the most interesting archaeological site in the world.

 According to Samir Osmanagic and numerous world’s most eminent archaeologists, pyramid-shaped hills surrounding Visoko are much more than just a shape. Findings so far indicate that pyramidal complex in Central Bosnia are 10,000 to 12,000 years old, making the greatest and oldest pyramidal complex built.

Pljesevica Hill bares numerous stone structures which form Pyramid of the Moon, the world''''s oldest step pyramid (12,000 years old). 

Looming above the opposite side of town is the so-called Pyramid of the Sun—also known as Visocica Hill at 220 meters, the world’s largest pyramid (10,000 years old). 

Underground labyrinth "Ravne” is found beneath the pyramid complex. It covers the area of dozens of kilometres. Reports show no presence of negative radiation and the energy has a healing effect upon human body. 

Archaeologists and mystery lovers come from all over the world to participate in revealing the secrets of this complex baring proof of the oldest civilisation in the world.