Winter Olympics '84 – Best Winter Olympic Games at the Time

Best Winter Olympic Games Ever! Headlines stated about the 14th Winter Olympic Games which took place in Sarajevo from 8 to 19 February 1984.

This was also the largest event in Yugoslavia up to that moment. In 1977, Yugoslav Republic applied Sarajevo as the host of the 14th WOG to the International Olympic Committee. In 1978 in Athens Sarajevo was voted the host in competition with Japanese city of Sapporo and joint application of Swedish cities of Falun and Goteborg.

Sarajevo was undoubtedly the best applicant offering grounds for the entire event in the radius of only 24 sq km. In preparation for the Olympics numerous sports, cultural and tourist buildings had been built in Sarajevo: Sports Hall „Zetra" and the ice rink for speed ice skating, Sports Hall „Skenderija", skiing trails, jumps, hotels on Jahorina, Trebevic, Bjelasnica and Igman mountains.

High quality infrastructure everywhere, first-class preparation and organization and not an inch of snow on Sarajevo's streets, hills and mountains.

Everyone from the Committee was worried. On the day of the beginning of the Olympic Games, 8th of February 1984, the city wakes up covered in 1 meter thick white blanket. Sarajevo was indeed the centre of the world during that magical February. 

Even today we celebrate the splendour of the 14th Winter Olympic Games. This was the golden period. Yugoslav Republic won its first medal (silver) with Jure Franko's glorious slalom ride. We were proclaimed the best Winter Olympic Games organized up to 1984...

 Even today, we like to remember this period and our favourite mascot Vucko during the spectacular International Winter Festival „Sarajevo Winter" held every year since the Olympics.