Assassination of Franz Ferdinand

With the assassination, Sarajevo unwillingly became epicentre of the bloodshed worldwide for the next 4 years, 3 months and 2 weeks... Nowadays, there are many reminders of the past events which still stand to bring back the event which has spurred Europe into state of chaos.
The building on the street corner overlooking Latin Bridge, next to which Princip was standing when he fired the faithful shots was turned into a museum dedicated to him. The exact spot was standing was marked by embossed footprints, and memorial plaque was placed on the building corner.

 Yet, when the world war II started, and nazi''''s ocupied Sarajevo, the plaq and everything which was dedicated to the assassination were either removed or destroyed, only to be reinstated after the Bosnian War. Nowdays, people can freely enjoy the view of the actual place where Franz Ferdinand was shot and visit the Museum of the Assassination of Franz Ferdinand, and actualy get a chance to see the car in which him and his wife were shot.