Ćevapi: a favourite dish for citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina

When we speak about the food that is most favorite for citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina ćevapi or ćevapčići is definitely the one that will be on the top of the list. Ćevapi is so delicious food that we do not exaggerate when we say that this is a dish that every foreigner must try when in Bosnia and Herzegovina... a few times.

Bosnians traditionally like to eat meat and meat products so you have to believe them when they say that ćevapi is one of the most delicious meals that do not give the hunger any chance for comeback in your stomach for a long time. With the first bite you can feel fulfilling taste that will last even after the meal.

Bosnian ćevap or ćepačić is a meat grilled dish made of beef with addition of lamb or some other non-pork meat with minced red pepper, garlic and salt. In some other countries sometimes one of the ingredients is a pork meat - but not in real Bosnian ćevap. Real Bosnian ćevap should be prepared and served with "somun" or "lepina" - type of flatbread that have specific taste and that should be put above ćevap while grilling. In that way meat will be fired from bellow, but not become dry as it is also cooked in own juices that should not evaporate because of "somun" placement. After grilling ćevpi is served with chopped onion and sour cream, kajmak, yogurt, kefir or some kind of cottage cheese.

There is a slight differences between ćevapi connected with the specific regions in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Every region has it''''s own way in preparing and portioning of ćevapi. For example, in Sarajevo usual portions is 5-10 ćevap with a specific mixture of meat while in Travnik you can find usual portions of 10-20 ćevap with a "somun" that is dipped in a specific butter rich soup. In Banjaluka you can find ćevapi that is grilled in groups of 4-5 connected ćevap.