Pita: what makes B&H unique

Bosnian pita (pronounced pee-ta) or pie holds a special place in the tiny country, where it is a ubiquitous street food, restaurant mainstay, and family tradition.

Bosnian does not stop to marvel Americans. The famous American newspaper "The Boston Globe" described pie as one of the greatest delicacies and sweets in the southwestern part of Europe.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, pie is a part of family tradition and is indispensable in the daily diet. It is celebrated in the songs, poetry and films, and making pie is what Bosnians brought to perfection.

Pie is what everybody loves, no matter what kind. That is a specialty foreign tourists always try when visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina. Not to be confused with the rounds of bread common on Middle Eastern tables, this pita refers to several types of stuffed phyllo pastries, each with a specific name. They’re called burek if filled with ground beef and onions; sirnica for cheese; zeljanica for spinach and cheese; krompirisu for potatoes; and tikvenica for zucchini.