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…Called "the world’s most dangerous city” during the war of the 1990s, Sarajevo is now among Europe’s safest capitals. Visitors—no longer just postwar gawkers—stroll busy avenues to historic sites wedged between Muslim, Jewish, and Christian places of worship. The renowned Sarajevo Film Festival is held every summer. Tourists and locals alike, led by in-the-know guides, are rediscovering pristine hiking trails in the surrounding Dinaric Alps…
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…The ancient highland caravan routes that linked mountain towns for centuries now make for a heavenly single-track system for the knobby-tire set…

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"Another petit city that not so long ago was known for being the site of a terrible, rampaging war, Sarajevo has recovered to become one of the most attractive spots in Europe. Combine the sensational old town (made for tourist sightseeing) with the tunneled remnants of the war and the collapsed floors that still litter the skyline and you''''ve got a memorable, alternative-Europe travel experience.”

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"Crisp yet moist, hearty yet subtly spiced, burek is the Balkan street food. Filo pastry is filled with aromatic minced meat, spinach (zeljanica), or cheese and herbs (sirnica), then rolled, glossed with butter or olive oil and baked till golden. Burek can be eaten at any hour: for breakfast accompanied by black tea, or after a busy night in the bars of Sarajevo''''s Baščaršija district.”

 Lonely Planet "The World''''s Best Street Food"

Why go: To ski the mountain landscape that wowed the world during the 1984 Winter Olympics. 

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